Friday, January 30, 2015

..You're weak on Twitter .

z) Inflammation terminates; man runs to station, resumes role as lead generator for arms sales.  
Conflagration ensues.

  • Inflammation subsiding; side glance blows rep off top rung. Protests: "I've got a wife and family to feed."
5mg prognost with meals

3) Inflammation griping. Timely administration of arnica reveals extent of insult. Consider analgesia. Selective amnesia.

  • Inflamed indignation! Slap-cheeked reeling step back; set up for a fall. Blameless sclerotic impediment on A+E $tati$tic$.

A) Initial Inflammation

Imbibing, careless comments cause

town-like malice, 

drawing blow. Just desserts for precedent pride.

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