Wednesday, May 2, 2018

A Cycling Ditty for Somerset Day

I’m Somerset born and I’m Somerset bred,
I’m weak in me arms and I’m soft in me head,
But me thighs and me calves they know what they should do
So I cycle round Somerset taking the view.

I rode down to Exmoor and climbed to the top
On Dunkery Beacon the wind it don’t stop
So I raced back to Bridgwater quick as I knew
To get in stuck in a queue on the Penel Orlieu

Now Coleridge and Wordsworth both loved taking stock
Of the sights that they saw on the lovely Quantocks
But I fear from their poems they were out of their box
Should have stuck to the queue on the Penel Orlieu

The Mendips are nearly so high as they’m deep
Caves down below us and up Draycott Steep
And all of they grockles who’re just passing through
For the Minehead bound queue on the Penel Orlieu

The Blackdowns, The Poldens now they ain’t that high
But they still cause me tears and a burn in me thighs
But if I need a rest I know just what to do.

So I head for the queue on the Penel Orlieu.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

A musing on de Ronde?

Three riders from BK Velo
to De Ronde were determined to go
as they sought Classics glory
each one had a story
perhaps it's amusing to know?

Ardent pedaler Jonathan Lock
wished to emulate Roger Decock
'til a strange choice at dinner
blocked the path of this winner;
Lock was shocked by the dreaded hock block.

Down was barely an adequate rider;
Thought himself as a Flemish insider.
But his chances were knobbled
by a bang on the cobbles.
Now he struggles to keep it Koksijde.

Martyn knew that he'd wait at the top,
for his fellows whose tyres went pop.
Though he missed some great bits,
he out-paced the old gits
without fear that his Bongo would stop.

If you feel like a Flandrian trip,
Let me give you a salient tip.
Pack your bike in a van
and go Koken met Jan
But take care as your rear end may slip.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Which is tougher; Crowcombe or Draycott Steep?

Around our neck of the woods there are two climbs that seem to bring cyclists out into a cold sweat at the mention of their names. I am lucky enough to live within 5 minutes ride of the foot of one, where the other lurks about as far away from my house as I care to go in a day.

That day turned out to be today, so I was delighted that a selection of my usual road riding buddies were around to keep me company as we embarked on the Full Crowcombe ride.

Thanks to judicious use of CHO and the sight of two of mes amis du route disappearing up the final slope, I was able to record a PR on Crowcombe.  For the sake of comparison I rode The Steep a few hours later, before finally bringing my day in the saddle to a welcome halt.

Now it's certainly the case that I was slow up the Steep today. 6.30hrs of riding had taken their toll. I have ridden the Steep nearly 50 times according to Strava, yet have struggled up Crowcombe on only a handfulI of occasions. The sheer lack of familiarity plays into the impression that the marquee Quantock climb is the harder of the two. My pitiful performance on my doorstep however was every bit as challenging thanks to the days travails. I found myself stumped as I tried to decide which hill was harder.

Numbers don't seem to help.

Crowcombe 1.2km 185m gain 14.8%
Steep 1.9km 220m gain 11.4%

The Steep is longer so has a slight lighter average gradient, primarily thanks to the gradual ascent to the summit after the glider club.  I'm fairly sure that the front wheel lift is worse on Crowcombe's steepest slope, but I'm sure that the toughest part of the Steep goes on for longer, and as it comes earlier in the ascent, leaves a lasting burn that messes with the head for the remainder of the effort.

Thankfully, however, I have come up with a number that allows a more ready comparison. My power meter allows calculation of TSS, which is similar to Strava suffer score.

The Steep clocks at 23.2, Crowcombe at 22.1. Plainly therefore, the Steep is very nearly 5% harder, which means I may never again have to ride Crowcombe again.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Deadly white powder...

Worth a listen I reckon

I now know why we have no faith in nutrition advice.  SD

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sandwich Course

One of my daily duties is coming to an end. My son is nearing the conclusion of his school days, and so his sandwiches will soon be his own concern. Whilst I might appreciate regaining the time that this takes, I'll miss the thought processes of trying to mix his diet and trying to please him with healthy options. The feedback has been a great boost too.

As I wonder what he'll eat for lunch for the rest of his life, I'm struck by the sheer volume of tasks my wife does for him. How many times melancholy will she feel?

Sunday, February 14, 2016