Sunday, April 2, 2017

A musing on de Ronde?

Three riders from BK Velo
to De Ronde were determined to go
as they sought Classics glory
each one had a story
perhaps it's amusing to know?

Ardent pedaler Jonathan Lock
wished to emulate Roger Decock
'til a strange choice at dinner
blocked the path of this winner;
Lock was shocked by the dreaded hock block.

Down was barely an adequate rider;
Thought himself as a Flemish insider.
But his chances were knobbled
by a bang on the cobbles.
Now he struggles to keep it Koksijde.

Martyn knew that he'd wait at the top,
for his fellows whose tyres went pop.
Though he missed some great bits,
he out-paced the old gits
without fear that his Bongo would stop.

If you feel like a Flandrian trip,
Let me give you a salient tip.
Pack your bike in a van
and go Koken met Jan
But take care as your rear end may slip.