Friday, April 17, 2015

Prayer for @slip_rehill

Our Father, who Hartcliffe in Hengrove, Hanham be thy name;

Thy Kingswood come, Thy Willsbridge done on Gaunts Earthcott as it is in Henleaze.

Give us this day our daily Bedminster and forgive us our Totterdowns,  as we forgive those who Totterdown against us.

Lead us not into Temple Meads but deliver us from Eastville,

for Thine is the Kingsdown the Patchway and St George's,

for Easton and Ashton.


Friday, April 3, 2015


Last time past this way with Lenska surely, Dennis? Now simply home corned beef and English whine.

Catch up

Finally watched the Gent Wevelgem coverage.

I fear that my enthusiasm for Sep VanMarke may be misplaced. Those rolling roads 14k on the run in did for him; had he worked with G after Terpstra attacked when rejoining the group the podium was on. Allowing himself to be dropped with Debusherre and the energy used in the 2 chasing 4 is what left him dying in the last

Hat to G for his work and vocal management of the final selection.

Hat+ to Paolini for sheer doggedness. 38…!